Take a peek at how we get all the free oils!

The BEST thing about Young Living is that it’s so much more than oils. We are ALL on a journey to take charge of our health, whether we know it or not. Some of us are just getting started and trying to figure out where to go next, and some of us have been working on our health + wellness for a while.
Wherever you fall on this scale, Young Living has everything you need! Young Living as a whole is all about wellness, purpose, and abundance in every single area of your life! And on this team, we’re about inspiring as many people as possible to begin THEIR own health journey as well. Our bodies were created to function above the wellness line, and YL gives us the tools we need to help our bodies do just that. It’s just up to us to use those tools that have been given to us.
For so many of us, myself included, getting started with the Premium Starter Kit was a HUGE step! But the kit is just the beginning! There is so much more to YL than oils.
Once I grabbed my kit and started looking around the Virtual Office and the product catalog, I realized how many incredible products Young Living has, and how much of what I buy already (toothpaste, laundry soap, makeup, cleaning products, vitamins, etc) I could just STOP buying from Target and start buying from Young Living instead! It costed us a little more upfront to do this as a family, but the benefit of getting products that we know aren’t filled with junk was worth it to me.
When I buy these things through Young Living, I know that I'm getting plant-based, all-natural products. This is what we like to call “transfer buying,”. You’re just spending money in a different place, and on things that are so much healthier for your family. Here’s just a peek at things I no longer buy at Target and have replace with Young Living Products instead:
Laundry detergent
Face wash
Candles/air fresheners
Household cleaners
Hand soap
Body wash
Protein powder
Supplements (weight management, etc)
Hand sanitizer
Dryer sheets
Sun protection creams/sprays
Baby gifts - (all gifts basically)
Lip Gloss 
Coffee (Hello Ningxia + Nitro!)

Okay, first things first. What in the world IS ER Monthly Ordering any way?. ER is a monthly wellness subscription box! Each month, you customize a box of wellness goodies according to what YOU want. It’s even better than those other monthly subscription boxes because it is customizable.
That’s one of the main reasons why we’re so obsessed with the program. It is meant to be exactly what YOU want.
Here's how:
- We know that once you sign up, you’ll be hooked, but for ease of mind you can cancel it at any time. All you have to do is call YL customer service and you're on your merry way. 
(1-800-371-3515 )
-The program is flexible as to which day your order processes. You have to process one order a month, but you can wait until payday, or have it go first day of the month. In fact you can change your order up to 11:59PM on the day that it processes!
-You only buy what you want or need. One month you can stock up on staples like Lavender, Lemon, and Thieves Cleaner, and the next you can grab things you haven’t tried before.
-You only have to spend 50 PV minimum each month. That's a bottle of Lavender, a bottle of Thieves Cleaner, and a lip balm! Easy peasy!
-Plus you get money back. That’s probably my favorite part  Let’s break it down next.

Now you might be wondering, “I saw you said this program will save me money….how?!” Let me break it down!
First things first, you receive a percentage of points back on purchases you make on your Essential Rewards program.
Yep. When you’re on ER, and you place your order through ER, you’ll get points BACK on that purchase. After you have been on ER for three months, you can redeem those points for free goodies!
On months 1-3 you’ll receive 10% back in points. So, if you spend 100PV, you get 10% back. That's 10 dollars that can be redeemed via quick order on a product you want to try! Amazing, right?!
Well what if I told you that on months 4-24 you’ll receive 20% back in points, and months 25+ you’ll receive 25% back in points. Are you doing the math? When you’re on months 4-24 of ER and place a 100PV order, that’s 20 points back. Months 25+? That’s 25 points back. THE BEST!
There are some other ways you can save money/get free goodies on this program so let’s keep on breaking them down.

Another reason to join ER is because YL is going to send you loyalty gifts at 3, 6, 9 and 12 months!
If you are in the US market, 
At 3 months, you’ll be gifted a 5 ml bottle of Peppermint Vitality oil! 
At 6 months, you get a free 5 ml bottle of Thieves Vitality! 
At 9 months, you get the amazing 15 ml Tea Tree!! 
And at 12 months, you’ll get an exclusive, 5 ml Loyalty Blend specially formulated by Gary Young!

Every year after that, you will receive a new loyalty blend created just for ER members. 
Check out this awesome video that Gary Young put together about the care that goes into the first year's special loyalty blend! 

PLUS You can actually purchase your starter kit on ER - you don't have to make another ER purchase to sign up!  
Are you outside of the USA?  I can send you all the info about your Loyalty Gifts!!

The next reason to be on ER Monthly Ordering, you have access to EXCLUSIVE kits that are only available on ER, and those kits give you extra savings..
ER members have the ability to order three specialty ER kits. 
The first two, Thieves and NingXia Red, are 15%-25% OFF!!
 We drink our Ningxia Bombs EVERY.SINGLE.DAY. So this is the best way to order it. We’ve also switched out all of our cleaning and household products with Thieves, so you know I stock up on the Thieves ER kit every couple months too!
The NingXia Red ER Kit comes with:
-A 4-pack of 750 ml bottles of NingXia Red
-1 box of 2 oz NingXia Red singles packets (30 count)
All for $187! Ordering these products through One Time Order would be $217.75. Plus you’re going to make at least 10% back in points on that order AND be eligible for the monthly freebies YL offers that we’ll break down soon!
The Thieves ER kit comes with:
-15 ml Thieves EO
-Thieves aromabright toothpaste
-2, 14 oz bottles of Thieves household cleaner
-Thieves mouthwash
-2 bottles Thieves foaming hand soap
-2 bottles Thieves waterless hand purifier
-2 bottles Thieves spray
Seriously - Get This Thieves Kit next month -it's $118.50 vs. ordering everything via quick order and paying $156.50. That’s a savings of 25%, guys! Plus you’re going to make at least 10% back in points on that order AND be eligible for the monthly freebies YL offers that we’ll break down soon!
You also get access to buy the Everyday Oils ER kit too! It’s a little cheaper and comes with roller fitments!
The Everyday Oils ER Kit comes with:
1 - 5 ml Frankincense
1 - 5 ml Lemon Vitality
1 - 5 ml Lavender
1 - 5 ml Tea Tree
1 - 5 ml Peppermint Vitality
1 - 5 ml Joy
1 - 5 ml Purification
1 - 5 ml PanAway
1 - 5 ml Thieves Vitality
1 - 5 ml Stress Away
1 - 6 pack of AromaGlide Roller Fitments
This kit is $133!
Every. Single. Month. Young Living offers us different promotions and they are always AMAZING! 
They sometimes have a theme or correspond to the season, but they ALWAYS add extra value to our order.
Some promos are exclusive to just Essential Rewards, some are open to everyone. Being on ER Monthly Ordering allows you to max out on getting freebies, which means you’re maxing out on saving money.
ER opens up an exclusive promo tier at 100PV. That means, when you place a qualifying order of 100PV and you'll get something for free! As you move up the tiers you'll get Essential Rewards exclusive items + more free goodies!

*The US tiers are normally as follows for Essential Rewards members:
-190PV = something different every month
-250PV = something different every month
-300PV = something different every month
*other countries are a little different but I will always keep you informed of what they are each month!

Young Living offers a YL Choice discounted shipping rate on Essential Rewards orders, which is another way for ER members to save money along with getting points back on ER orders. Reduced shipping options start at $6.99 and vary in price based on weight and shipping method. 

If you are already a Young Living Member --All you have to do to enroll in ER is to log into your virtual office and click on “ER Monthly Order” on the left-hand side of your screen. From there, the website will walk you through how to enroll. It’s easy and it only takes a couple minutes.
If you’re having trouble, you can also call Customer Service at 
and they’ll set it up for you or you can hop on the live chat!
YOU will pick your order date that works best for you! Maybe you know you don’t get paid until the 15th of every month, so you want to schedule your date for the 16th! You have the option of changing your date each month, if you want. So in the event that you get a bonus or something and you want to order early, you can totally do that with no penalty. It’s flexible!
Then, load up your ER cart with whatever you want that month. Each month, you have until midnight of your order processing date to customize your box of wellness goodies!
The monthly minimum requirement is 50 PV,. The majority of the consumable items Young Living offers are the same number of PV points as the dollar amount, but not all, so pay attention as you’re adding items on to your order! Some non-consumable items like diffusers have fewer PV points, but you can still buy them on ER. The point is, pay attention to how many PV points are in your cart not the dollar total amount of your order. You need at least 50 PV.
Now remember, this is $50 that you would *probably (*by probably I mean most definitely) be spending somewhere else like the grocery store or Target on things like cleaning products, vitamins, shampoo/conditioner, toothpaste, laundry detergent, and more. You have to buy those things anyway! Why not buy them from Young Living where you KNOW the products are safe and non-toxic and get extra money back to spend on goodies for yourself!?
You're getting up to 25% back while buying from YL! Target only gives me 5% back when I use their card…. I think we all know who the real winner is here 

We’ve given you some ideas already on what to grab (think transfer buying + ER exclusive kits) but here’s a few more things to think about grabbing on Essential Rewards to hit those promo tiers.
50PV (this isn’t a promo tier but it’s the minimum requirement for ER) : Deep Relief + Lavender
100PV: Grab that Thieves Essential Rewards Kit for $118.50 instead of $156.50
190PV: Grab the NingXia Red ER Kit and Lemon Vitality to hit 190PV!
250PV: Build Your Own Savvy Bundle!
-Misting Spray
-3 Eyeshadows
...and boom all the foxy, with none of the toxy! And a total makeup makeover!
300PV: Mom Bundle
Thieves ER kit
Stress Away Bath Bombs
2 Packs of Seedlings Baby Wipes
2 Pack of Ningxia Red
ORRRR hit all the promos by doing all of your gift shopping for your family and stock up on all the wellness supplements and products for yourself!!

When you go to check out via One Time Order, there will be an option to redeem your ER points! 
You can use your points on products that has a PV amount that is equal to the dollar value of the product (again, PV points usually equal the dollar amount, but not always) and aren’t new products! 
While you’re browsing, look for the little blue flag next to the item’s PV. This is to show you what is eligible for point redemption!

Rewards points cannot be redeemed through an ER order. You will have to place a One Time Order to cash in your points. However, one awesome thing is that you can use points on some items and pay for others! You will need to have enough points to cover a product you’re paying for with points entirely, but you can use points to pay for some of your products and put the rest on a credit card or use PayPal!
Any time you place a One Time Order, cash in a some of your points too since you’re already paying shipping!

If the idea of getting your oils for free or earning a little extra cash sounds appealing, listen up.
Did you know that Young Living has a referral program in place for when your friends sign up for THEIR premium starter kits through your unique link?
YEPPPP!!! And you have the chance to make a little over $50.00 when they do!
If you're loving your oils, share about them. Tell people WHY you love them, and how they're changing your life. When they ask how they can sign up, 
omgosh it's super easy!
#1 - have them use Your member # as both Sponsor & Enroller 

Get with your Enroller or Sponsor to learn what you need to do to be eligible for bonuses and commissions and for help with how to share genuinely with friends!

Not a Young Living Member yet?  Whatcha waiting for?! 
HERE'S HOW TO BECOME A MEMBER so that you too can earn all the freebies and get natural!!