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For centuries, residents of the Ningxia district of northern China have enjoyed the astonishing health and longevity supporting benefits of the wolfberry that grows there. However, due to the Ningxia region’s physical and political isolation, knowledge of this potent superfruit remained relatively hidden from Western culture—until recently.

In 1993, as Young Living Founder, President, and CEO D. Gary Young was traveling the world seeking the natural secrets of life, energy, and vitality, he was introduced to Chinese scientist Dr. Songqiao Chao. Dr. Chao told Gary about a delicious berry that had been prized for thousands of years in China for its powerful health supporting benefits. He further explained that the people who regularly ingested this berry led remarkably long and healthy lives.
While in China, Gary also learned that Chinese biochemists at the Ningxia Institute of Nutrition had analyzed the wolfberry and found it to be one of the most nutrient-dense foods on the planet. Gary became convinced that this superfruit needed to be made available to the world.
By combining the wolfberry with pure essential oils, Gary created the world’s foremost functional beverage, NingXia Red. Young Living is proud to offer you the only nutrient drink on the market that combines whole Chinese wolfberries and pure, therapeutic-grade essential oils into a single beverage that tastes as good as it is good for you: NingXia Red.

Hi & Welcome!!  
Ok so how the heck do you pronounce it??
NEENG-SHA- RED. Is that what you were saying? Bravo if you pronounced it correctly. No worries if you didn't -you aren't the only one!
So you know by now since I started using oils a few years ago, my life has been completely transformed in so many ways. One of the many benefits I discovered was how much my overall health has improved…. Young Living is so much more than just oils, it’s a total lifestyle.
One of the products that I have fallen in love with is Ningxia!!
The PSK comes with two sample packets of Ningxia which is so great for you to get a taste test. I put both packets in the fridge the moment my kit came and there they stayed for like…. months! 😂😂
Finally, I tried it- I made Greg and Rachel try it with me because if it tasted gross I wanted to share the misery!! 😆
Butttt it is actually really delicious!! Now I drink it every day 😊 Ningxia is SO good- the taste and more importantly the benefits!
The energy you gain from Ningxia is REAL not the gross, fake, temporary energy you get from those expensive store bought drinks either. You also don’t have the energy crash from Ningxia. YES!

There are lots of different Ningxia options for you to choose from too! Who doesn’t love to have options?!?!

NingXia Red
NingXia Red is a whole food nutrient that contains powerful antioxidant fighting properties. Antioxidants help to fight off free radicals which can break down your system. Overall wellness and nutritional support is key and the mainstay of this delicious tasting supplement. It is recommended you drink 2-4 ounces daily.
NingXia Red is formulated from exotic fruits such as the NingXia Wolfberry and is infused with essential oils. This wonderful supplement supports normal cellular function, eye health and prevents deterrents due to oxidative stress. Fortify, Energize and Revitalize are the key words that come to mind with Ningxia!
🎉The top ten reasons for drinking Ningxia Red daily:
1. Improves memory
2. Increase energy and stamina
3. Restores healthy sexual function (bow chicka bow wow)
4. Maintain healthy cholesterol and healthy blood sugar levels
5. Combat premature aging
6. Improve digestion
7. Promote bowel regularity
8. Improve immune system
9. Support healthy sleep
10. Support optimal vision
You have a couple options for purchasing Ningxia Red making it convenient for you to drink it at any time during the day:
🎉 750ml glass bottles. - I always have these in our fridge, I love drinking it super cold, just my preference! I have a glass every afternoon instead of coffee. I also give a little to Tinkerbelle!
🎉Individual 2oz packets - these will be your best friends if you are on the go a lot! You can quick throw them in your purse, work bag, diaper bag, whatever and you will have a Ningxia pick up during the day! Plusssss Ya know what else is amazing and SO easy?? Ningxia slushies Just pop the packets in the freezer and you’ll have a frozen treat to enjoy! YUM!!

 Ningxia for Kids, Pregnancy & Pets!
👧🏽 👦🏼Kids:
Kiddos will love this more than juiceboxes! So delicious, super easy to open and no missing or broken straws to deal with!
Freeze Ningxia in ice cube trays and then add it to a sippy cup with a little water for them while outside playing. It’s very refreshing and keeps them extra hydrated on the hot dog days of summer!
👶🏻 👶🏽Pregnancy:
Ningxia Red is TOTALLY safe to drink while you are pregnant. In fact, it is probably one of the better things you can do for yourself while you are growing a tiny human!
🐶 🐱Pets:
Ningxia Red supports NORMAL cell function, is filled with antioxidants, Vitamin C, and may aid in the prevention of disease in your dog. If there is one thing that you add into your dogs diet, Ningxia Red should be it!

What is the world is a WOLFBERRY?
I’m glad you asked! Wolf berries (aka goji berries) are grown in Northern China and have been grown there for centuries. They contain EVERY essential amino acid and contain 13% protein, which makes them the fruit with the highest protein content!!!
Whoa! They are also CRAZY high in antioxidants and so so so good for you. In fact - they have an ORAC (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity) value of 25,300! (In comparison, blueberries have score of 2,400.)
The ORAC test, developed by USDA researchers at Tufts University, is one of the most valuable methods for measuring the ability of antioxidants to absorb oxygen radicals. The test showed that the wolfberry has the ability to absorb the free radicals that attack the body.
NingXia Red has the highest levels of Superoxide-ORAC activity among its supplement competitors on the market. (S-ORAC is the ORAC value given to supplement products).
Ok so what exactly are antioxidants?? Why are they so important?!
An antioxidant is a substance, like vitamins and minerals, which prevents oxidation of the body.
Oxidation is something that all of our bodies experience day in and day out. When your body oxidizes, it can produce things like free radicals.
If we don’t take steps to control these free radicals and harmful byproducts, they can harm our body’s cells, kind of like what happens to half eaten fruit when we leave it out.
Free radicals can be produced faster in our bodies when we are exposed to pollutants, poor nutrition, and when you are under stress (ummmm, who isn’t under stress?). Hmm makes sense that the Ningxia PSK comes with a bottle of Stress Away along with allllll the Ningxia!

 Ningxia Zyng
Zyng is a favorite in our home. I am NOT a soda drinker but everyone else in my family enjoys it so why not give it a try?! I actually like this 😆
So if you are a Diet Coke-aholic…giving it up is not easy, but replacing it with Zyng will be a choice that you will not regret!
Young Living’s NingXia ZYNG is a light, sparkling beverage that delivers a splash of hydrating energy. Its benefits are fueled by its proprietary blend of pure black pepper and lime essential oils, wolfberry puree, and white tea extract. Added to this blend is sparkling water and vitamins to create a unique, delicious, and refreshing experience.
At only 35 calories per can, this guilt-free spritzer has zero artificial flavors, colors, sweeteners, and preservatives, making it the perfect option for those looking for a little ZYNG!
• Sparkling and Refreshing with light carbonation
• With Natural Lime and Black Pepper Essential Oils
• No artificial flavors, colors, sweeteners or preservatives
• Hydrating energy
• Natural ZYNG
• Preservative free
• No artificial colors, flavors, sweeteners

Ningxia Nitro
Life is full and crazy and fun and soo sooo full! Sometimes we can end up running our bodies just a little too hard. I am so thankful for a tiny secret I keep right in my fridge (or find in my purse when I am away from home).
Ya know those little bottles they sell at the checkout that promise you like five hours of serious energy but are really filled with nothing but chemicals and other crap that is so bad for you? Well Nitro is like those little bottles except it’s HEALTHY and SAFE!
Ningxia Nitro combines 100% pure, therapeutic-grade essential oils with naturally powerful ingredients to lift mental clarity and focus while also providing a surge of energy when needed. It is a naturally derived cognitive fitness booster packed in a convenient little tube! Easy to drink by itself or mix with NingXia Red 😋
Primary Benefits:
💥Increases mental fitness, cognitive alertness, and physical acuity
💥Enhances athletic performance and endurance
💥Boosts energy and serves as a daily pick-me-up
Consume Ningxia Nitro directly from the tube or mix with 2-4 oz. of NingXia Red or 4 oz. of water to enhance physical performance, lift mental fog, or anytime you need a pick-me-up.
🤓 Really really really tired?? Add a tub of Nitro to a can of Zyng! You’ll be more than good to go!

Ningxia Shots with Vitality Oils
Ok so I know there are somedays when work is nuts, kids are crazy or life is just a little overwhelming and maybe you think… WOW I need a drink right now! Not really acceptable at 9:30am 😆😂 right? Insert Ningxia SHOTS!
You might be thinking, do I take them as “real” shots? YUP! It’s already so much fun drinking NingXia, knowing that I’m an ounce healthier, but throwing back Ningxia shot is a party I always want to have!
It’s fun to play with various concoctions, mix them up and try them out! Here are some Vitality Oils that are very beneficial to add to your shot:
🍈Lime: helps with feelings of anxiousness, beneficial for clarity of thoughts, supports immune and respiratory systems.
🌿Copaiba: it’s so amazing for my inflammation/muscle aches. ( I add this one daily!)
🍋Lemon: detoxes the body + it literally helps with everything!
🍊Orange: Relieves occasional constipation/indigestion. Very uplifting!
🌿Thieves: IMMUNE SYSTEM SUPPORT! Guys….if you aren’t using Thieves multiple times a day-topically/internally/aromatically, you are doing yourself a huge disservice!! Thieves is the best for keeping us healthy!
👊Endoflex: Balance and support to the endocrine system! What is the endocrine system? It’s a collection of glands that produce hormones that regulate metabolism, growth and development, tissue function, sexual function, reproduction, sleep, and mood, among other things. Endoflex may also stimulate weight loss by improving metabolic function!
😮Frankincense: There isn’t much that this oil can’t do for your body. I’m being serious. Make a note, after this class is over to Google Frankincense Essential Oil, then let’s chat.
💥Red Shot: if you are lucky enough to have it - bottoms up!
These are only a few of the oils that you can add!! There are plenty more oils in the vitality line that are great additions to Ningxia!

Cool Treats!
**Ningxia Smoothies**
The perfect mid-morning snack or mid-afternoon pick me up. In a blender just add organic fruits and vegetables (I usually just throw in whatever we have, mix them up for all different flavors!), coconut milk, vitality oils (lemon, lime, orange, thieves, just depending on our moods!) Add 2-4 oz. of Ningxia to your ingredients and blend it up! If you need a big pick me up, add in a tub of Ningxia Nitro! You’ll perk up in no time!
***Ningxia Red Creamsicles***
So perfect for snack time! Nothing like a hot summer day to make you crave a cool treat, right? However, many of the options available aren’t necessarily the healthiest. Try this refreshing alternative that also provides a ton of extra goodness all in one delicious package! NingXia Red Creamsicles are a huge hit both with kids and adults!
You’ll need:
1 cup Ningxia Red
1 cup vanilla yogurt
1 cup fresh or frozen fruit
Popsicle molds

 $$ Perks
How much $$ do we save by drinking Ningxia?
Do you have a Starbucks coffee every afternoon? A small (tall) latte is $2.95. A large (venti) is $4.15.
A 30 count single packets of Ningxia comes out to $2.90 each.
A 12 pack of Zyng comes out to $2.98 each.
Ningxia is not only a better value it is a wayyyy healthier choice!

❤️THE BEST member perk -- You can order the NingXia Red’s Essential Rewards Kit. 

It is definitely the most bang for your buck and you’ll be set on NingXia for a while!

 What does it come with? 4-750 ml bottles and a box of 30 packs of Ningxia Red!


Let's fix that so that you can make healthy choices and save money at the same time 👊

 Order the Ningxia Red Starter Kit 
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